One North, One Firm, One Team.

At Mason Square Capital, we are deeply committed to helping our partners and clients build transformational companies. For financial partners who trust us with the stewardship of their capital and for portfolio companies who have come upon us for strategic alliances, we vow to strive at all times to withhold our guiding principles.


The constant pursuit of excellence drives us forward and sets us apart. We believe that by making every detail incrementally better provides for an unmatched overall result, and therefore, it is a strategic advantage.


Our deep commitment to professionalism, fairness and integrity is second to none. Integrity guides our every action, and the impact of integrity transcends the actions themselves. It is this unconditional commitment with integrity and the alignment of interests with stakeholders that will lead us to great successes.


People working collaboratively and synergistically with a common purpose can achieve results which would be otherwise unattainable for individuals alone. Mason Square Capital's culture is a meritocracy where individual achievements are recognized and teamwork is promoted. There is no greater individual merit than building a winning team.


At Mason Square Capital we seek the vision to identify opportunities, the strength to transcend obstacles, the motivation to pursue the horizon, and the opportunity to deliver unique results.


We strive to ensure that our professionals and non-professionals practices are sound and sustainable. We are accountable for our practices and for any deficiencies in our professional activities.